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2022 On-Main and System Expansion Rates 


 Rate Code  Rate Title  Effective
Definitions Definitions 01/01/18
RATE RSG Residential Service General Non-Heating 05/01/24
RATE RSH Residential Service Heating 05/01/24
RATE RSH-SE Residential Service Heating – System Expansion 05/01/24
RATE RMDS Residential Multi-Dwelling Service 05/01/24
RATE RMDS-SE Residential Multi-Dwelling Service – System Expansion 05/01/24
RATE SGS Small General Service 05/01/24
RATE SGS-SE Small General Service – System Expansion 05/01/24
RATE MGS Medium General Service 05/01/24
RATE MGS-SE Medium General Service – System Expansion 05/01/24
RATE LGS Large General Service 05/01/24
RATE LGS-SE Large General Service – System Expansion 05/01/24
RIDER SC Special Contract 01/01/18
RIDER MFG Manufacturers Gross Receipt Tax Credit 01/01/18
RIDER ED Economic Development 01/01/18
RIDER MED Manufacturing Economic Development Rider 01/01/18
RATE IS Manual Interruptible Service 01/01/20
RATE NGV Natural Gas Vehicles 01/01/18
RATE TRS Transportation Receipt Service 01/01/18
TRS Appendix Transportation Receipt Service Appendix 01/01/18
RATE BAL Balancing Service 01/01/18
RATE STB Standby Service 01/01/18
RATE STO Storage Service Rate 01/01/18
RATE LH Optional Long Haul Service 01/01/18
RIDER DG Distributed Generation Rebate Rider 01/01/18
RATE CR Capacity Release Service 01/01/18
RATE PK Peaking Service Rate 01/01/18
RATE AS-AVAIL As-Available Gas Supply Service 08/12/11


Rules and Regulations 

Review the Rules and Regulations that apply to all gas rates, appliance leases, and the supply of gas service, effective January 1, 2018.

Rules and Regulations

Appendix A to Rules and Regulations

Appendix B to Rules and Regulations

Appendix C to Rules and Regulations


Load Curtailment Plan 

The Load Curtailment Plan will be implemented in the event of a shortfall in gas supply, effective January 1, 2018.


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