UI, SCG Partners With Nonprofits, Municipalities to Bring Energy-Savings Tools to Underserved Communities

Programs offer energy efficiency solutions to help reduce utility bills for low-income residents and businesses

ORANGE, Conn. — February 28, 2024 — United Illuminating (UI) and Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG), subsidiaries of Avangrid (NYSE: AGR), today announced the companies have provided over $295,000 through the Community Partnership Initiative (Partnership), which works alongside community groups, nonprofit organizations, and municipalities to help enroll and raise awareness of energy efficiency programs. Since the Partnership’s launch in 2022, UI and SCG have partnered with eight municipalities and community organizations across five distressed municipalities or Environmental Justice Census Block Groups with the goal to work together with the awarded communities to increase energy efficiency engagement and program participation.

“We understand many of our customers and businesses, particularly in underserved communities, feel overburdened by their electric and gas costs, which are now being driven up by the costs of public policy programs that policymakers are including on energy bills," said Frank Reynolds, President & CEO of UI and SCG. "That's why we're investing in local relationships with community organizations and municipalities to bring awareness of and increase participation in our energy efficiency programs. By managing their energy usage, customers can accordingly manage their energy bills, which is why we're meeting you in the community, working alongside local organizations and state leaders you know and trust. I look forward to the continued collaboration between our team and our partners to reach all our communities, including those who are underserved, to help improve the energy efficiency and the overall economic well-being of our region.”

The Partnership is administered by EnergizeCT™ and sponsored by Eversource and Avangrid subsidiaries, including UI and SCG. Together, the Connecticut electric and natural gas utilities work directly with community groups, nonprofit organizations, and municipalities in UI and SCG’s service territories to raise awareness and participation in Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible, Heat Pump Adoption for income-eligible customers, Multifamily Initiative, Small Business Energy Advantage, and Demand Response (UI territory only). The companies’ outreach efforts through the Partnership focus on select groups: customers within a distressed municipality or Environmental Justice Census Block Groups, residents with limited English proficiency, customers who qualify for Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible, renters in single-family homes or multifamily buildings up to 4 units, property owners of Multifamily 5+ properties, and small businesses.

The first round of the Partnership campaign was held in the Spring of 2022. Applicants selected either a short-term (three to six months) or long-term (eight to twelve months) campaign and were eligible to receive funding between $5,000 and $50,000 depending on the scope of their campaign plan. For example, the Town of Hamden was awarded $27,500 to help increase participation in the Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible program. Through outreach events, canvasing, and media advertisements, the town increased its participation in the Home Energy Solutions- Income eligible program by 100% of its goal.

In 2023, the Partnership kicked off the second round of the initiative to familiarize Connecticut residents and businesses with the energy efficiency programs. Operation Fuel and Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises are two organizations that were awarded funding. The two organizations are collaborating to use their funding towards educational resources and support to Bridgeport residents interested in learning more about the benefits of heat pumps and how they can help reduce energy consumption and energy bill costs. In addition, the two organizations will encourage participation in the Sponsors’ Home Energy Solutions-Income Eligible program.

In 2024, the Partnership will continue working with the communities that were awarded funding in the second round of the initiative. The awarded communities will focus on reaching their campaign goals by hosting in-person events, increasing partnerships with community organizations, and mailing letters to residents to increase knowledge and engagement on energy efficiency programs.

“We are working hard to build a strong partnership with local organizations and municipalities that our customers know and trust,” said Alysse Rodrigues, Customer Programs and Products Manager, who manages UI and SCG’s role in the Partnership. “We want to be a trusted partner that our customers and businesses turn to when they have questions about reducing their bills or reaching their sustainability goals. Lean on us, and we can connect you with the right person to get you started on what you can qualify for, from cost-reducing solutions, rebates, and financing options to building customized energy-saving plans or strategies. By being educated on our programs, you can make the right choices to benefit you and your loved ones in the year ahead.”

For more information on EnergizeCT Community Partnership Initiative visit: energizedct.com/community-partners, or EnergizeCT Energy Resources for Small Businesses visit: energizect.com/small-business.

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