UI, SCG and CNG Preparing for Winter Storm

ORANGE, Conn. — January 18, 2019 — United Illuminating (UI), Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG) and Connecticut Natural Gas (CNG), subsidiaries of AVANGRID, Inc. (NYSE: AGR), are monitoring forecasts and making preparations as the region braces for a winter storm followed by bitterly cold temperatures.

Current forecasts call for the storm to arrive Saturday afternoon, with heavy snow changing Sunday to wind-lashed rain and sleet before the storm departs around midday Sunday. Temperatures are expected to drop to the low single digits by Sunday night, and the extreme cold is expected to linger through Wednesday.

The companies reminded customers that, whenever there is a storm in the forecast, there is a possibility of service outages, potentially lasting multiple days, as well as downed wires and other dangerous conditions. Many home heating and well water systems will not work without electric power, and customers should have a plan in case of an extended loss of service during cold weather.

Warming shelters are open throughout Connecticut and can be located by calling 2-1-1 or visiting www.211ct.org.

UI is monitoring forecasts and preparing for the possibility the storm will affect customers’ electric service. Readiness activities include coordinating with state and local emergency management officials; creating staffing plans and securing contractors; activating employees to their storm roles; fueling and servicing vehicles and ensuring adequate stock of equipment such as wires, poles and transformers.

Customers are advised to stay far away from downed utility lines, which can be live and dangerous even if they don’t appear energized. Report them to UI at 800.722.5584 (800.7.CALL.UI). 

Natural gas customers are additionally asked to keep gas meters, regulators and appliance vents clear of ice, snow and debris so they can be accessed in an emergency. Clear them carefully with a broom to avoid damage. If you smell gas, get to a safe place and call your gas company or 911. The emergency number for SCG customers is 800.513.8898, and CNG customers should call 866.924.5325.

Before a Storm:

  • UI customers: Text “REG” to 839-884 to receive free text alerts if you lose service, and for restoration updates. Or, go to uinet.com for additional alert options.
  • Keep long-lasting LED flashlights and lanterns on hand, along with a battery-operated radio, fresh batteries, drinking water, non-perishable foods and prescription medications.
  • Fully charge mobile devices and store emergency contacts in memory.
  • Fuel up your vehicles.

Medical and Life Support Customers:

  • Customers who rely on life-saving medical equipment should also have a plan in case of a sudden or extended loss of service. UI medical and life-support customers should register in advance to ensure we are aware of your needs as we proceed with restoration efforts. Call UI at 800.722.5584 (800.7.CALL.UI).


  • Hire a licensed electrician to install permanent generators and transfer switches.
  • Carefully read and observe all instructions in your generator’s operating manual.
  • Properly ground all portable generators.
  • Never run a generator indoors, in an open garage, or near a window.
  • Do not store fuel indoors or try to refuel a generator while it’s running.

Report an Outage:

  • To report an outage, call 800.722.5584 (800.7.CALL.UI); report it online at uinet.com; or text “OUT” to 839-884.

Safety Tips:

  • If you smell natural gas, get out to a safe place first, then report it. Do not smoke, light flames, operate electrical equipment or use the phone.
  • Install fire and carbon monoxide detectors on each floor and outside each sleeping area. Test them regularly and change the batteries regularly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Visit us online for additional safety and storm readiness tips.

  • United Illuminating: uinet.com, @UnitedIllum
  • Southern Connecticut Gas: soconngas.com, @southernCTgas
  • Connecticut Natural Gas: cngcorp.com, @CTnaturalgas
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