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Limited Income Energy Efficiency Program... Save Energy and Money Throughout the Year

This program provides services to income-eligible electric, natural gas, propane and oil heat customers.

Are You Eligible?

To determine if you are income-eligible, locate your family size on the chart below and the dollar amount next to it. If your family’s combined Gross Annual Income is this amount or less, you meet the state’s 60 percent income median, and qualify for the program.



2023-2024 Fuel Season

Yearly Income Limits

(All Household Members)

Family Size Maximum Annual Income 
1 Under $41,553
2 Under $54,338
3 Under $67,124
4 Under $79,910
5 Under $92,695
6 Under $105,481
7 Under $107,878
8 Under $110,275

During the Visit:

Specialists will assess the home’s energy efficiency and perform a wide range of weatherization services such as:

  • Safety testing on your heating and cooling equipment
  • Installing energy efficient lighting
  • Caulking drafts, cracks and leaks in your windows and doors
  • Installing water-saving faucet aerators and showerheads

Additional Services:

Access to additional incentives for insulation, windows, appliances, and heating & cooling equipment.

How Do I Apply?

To sign up for HES-IE services, please complete an application / aplicación en español (including the income verification section and supporting document) or call 877.WISE.USE (877.947.3873) if you need assistance or to schedule an appointment.

All household members’ income must be recorded and accounted for when applying for HES-IE. For those individuals without any income please complete the zero income affidavit on page 5 of the application.

Renters must have their landlord complete the Property Owner Agreement which is included with the application. Property Owners are required to grant permission for tenants in their buildings.

Choose one of the following methods to apply:

UI Wise Use
C/O True View Consultants
P.O. Box 581
South Windsor, CT 06074

  • You may also call 877.WISE.USE (877.947.3873) to request an application to be sent to you.


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