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Non Emergency Contacts

Live Support Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Self-Service Automated Phone Support 24x7

Emergency Contacts

If you are experiencing a natural gas emergency, or if you suspect a natural gas leak, get up, get out and get away! Then call us immediately at 800.513.8898 or call 911 from a safe location.

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Mail a Payment

(Payments only)

Southern Connecticut Gas
P.O. Box 847819
Boston, MA 02284-7819

Other Numbers:

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Dial 711
  • Dig Safe: 811

Property and Casualty Claim

Complete our online Property and Casualty Claim form

Demolition Request

Please send your cut-off request to:
Include the below information and someone will contact you.

  1. Address of building(s) where demolition is taking place.
  2. Future intent of the parcel.
  3. Physical mailing address to be placed on clearance letter when process is complete.

Have a question?

Search for questions with the Answers on our FAQs page, or submit your own question using the email form. Emails will receive a response within three (3) business days from receipt of message.


Nodo: liferay-1:8080