Gas Code of Conduct

Gas Code of Conduct

In 2011 the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (“PURA”) established a Gas Code of Conduct (Sections 16-47a-1 to 16-471-12 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies) which requires a gas company to obtain the informed consent from a customer to provide the customer’s information to an affiliate of the gas company.

Section 16-47a-3, Customer Information, of the Regulation specifically states:

(b) Except as otherwise allowed under this Gas Code of Conduct, no gas company or affiliate shall not disclose customer information to any person or company, without the customer’s consent, and then only to the extent specified by the customer. Consent to disclosure of customer information to affiliates may be obtained by means of written authorization, electronic authorization or recorded verbal authorization. Each gas company and affiliate shall retain such authorization for verification purposes for as long as the authorization remains in effect. Each customer information disclosure authorization form shall either be pre-approved by the Department or contain the following language:

[The Gas Company]’s affiliates offer goods and services that are separate from the regulated services provided by the gas company. These goods and services are not regulated by the Department of Public Utility Control. These goods and services may be available from other competitive sources.
The customer authorizes [the Gas Company] to provide any data associated with the customer account(s) residing in any [the Gas Company] files, systems or databases [or specify specific types of data] to the following Affiliate(s) ________. [The Gas Company] will provide this data on a non-discriminatory basis to any other person or entity upon the Customer’s authorization.”

(c) If the customer allows or directs a gas company to provide customer information to an affiliate, the gas company shall ask the customer if he, she or it would like the customer information to be provided to one or more non-affiliates. If the customer directs the gas company to provide customer information to one or more non-affiliates, the customer information shall be disclosed to all entities designated by the customer contemporaneously and in the same manner.

Should you wish to have your customer information provided to an affiliate of Southern Connecticut Gas, please complete the attached form and forward to:

Southern Connecticut Gas
Attn: Customer Relations Center

60 Marsh Hill Road

Orange, CT  06477

Or you may call 800.659.8299 to speak to a representative.

Customer Information Disclosure Authorization Form


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