Natural Gas Appliances

Natural Gas Appliances

Smart Choices

Support your health, comfort, and happiness and that of your family with reliable natural gas appliances. Whether it’s a clothes dryer or a new gas stove, the latest energy efficient appliances can improve your environment and reduce your energy bill.

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Think about all the hot water you use every day.

For showers and baths. For dishes. For laundry. Hot water is a necessity and, with an energy efficient water heater, it can be an affordable luxury as well. In most homes the hot water heater is used frequently and draws a high percentage of total energy use, so choosing an efficient natural gas water heater for your home can mean energy bill savings for years to come.

The Right Water Heater for You

The efficiency of your water heater will be determined primarily by what type of water heater you choose and, in some cases, its capacity. The most common water heater is the storage water heater. These heaters maintain a reserve of hot water that is ready when you are. Natural gas users can also take advantage of more efficient instantaneous water heaters, which heats water as you need it, thereby reducing standby energy loss.

For Best Results

Choosing the right size water heater for your needs will increase your home's energy efficiency. If your water heater was installed before 2004, you may also be able to boost its efficiency by adding an insulation jacket to your water heater. This will reduce the amount of heat lost through the walls of the tank and reduce the amount of energy you need to heat the water. Most newer models come with hefty insulation, so always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding insulation jackets. You can also boost your energy efficiency by adding extra insulation to your hot water pipes, which will reduce the amount of heat lost on the way to your faucet.

For additional energy savings, lower the temperature to the lowest setting that provides you with sufficient hot water. For many households, 120 degrees will be a reasonable setting. In addition to saving energy, you will also reduce the risk of scalding, a factor especially important in homes with small children. Also, install energy efficient flow shower heads and faucet aerators; these help conserve water and energy.

DID YOU KNOW? Water heating is the third largest energy expense in your home. It typically accounts for about 13% of your utility bill. Visit U.S. Dept. of Energy to learn more about boosting the energy efficiency of your water heater.

Natural gas clothes dryers are economical and come with a variety of useful amenities.

Save Energy, Save Money

One of the ways today’s natural gas dryers have become more energy efficient is by using electronic ignitions systems. This way, the dryer does not require a continuously burning pilot light.

Take Care of Your Clothes

All new natural gas dryers include energy-efficient automatic termination. A moisture sensing cycle measures the moisture left in the laundry and stops the dryer when the clothes are dry. This means less wear and tear on your clothes due to over-drying.

On many new dryers you can select the level of dryness. If you want to iron clothes when they are slightly damp, the dryer can be set at that level. If you want to make sure the clothes are completely dry, you can set the dryer to produce a very dry load. Natural gas dryers shut of automatically and the heat stops immediately.

For Best Results

Choose a dryer that suits the volume of clothes you typically dry. Regular or large gas dryers can handle average family loads. Extra large gas dryers are designed to handle very large loads and bulky household items, such as comforters.

Your favorite television chef is cooking on a gas stovetop, and not just because of the visual effect: if you’re looking for accuracy and flexibility gas stoves are the way to go.

Whether you’re mixing up delicate sauces inside or grilling steaks on the patio, natural gas appliances make it easy to add that special something to your cooking.


Natural gas ranges offer unparalleled control for professional chefs worldwide. Just as most professional chefs insist on cooking with natural gas, everyday cooks recognize that natural gas offers even heat and rapid temperature control. You use your range almost every day, so you naturally want one with all the modern features that make cooking and cleaning easier. Features that make cleanup easy include sealed burners, removable control knobs, and porcelain drip pans under burners. And you’ll want a cooktop that uses the most efficient, most economic energy available. That’s natural gas.


Gas ovens have lots of great features, including automatic ignition, self-cleaning or continuously cleaning capabilities, and smokeless broiling. One great new breakthrough is the convection gas oven that bakes and broils faster and less expensively than a conventional gas oven.


Don’t risk running out of fuel just before the your dinner’s ready: natural gas grills offer the advantage of an uninterrupted fuel supply. There’s no need to store, transport or connect propane cylinders, and natural gas is much safer and convenient than charcoal.

DID YOU KNOW? Natural gas ranges now use electronic spark ignitions instead of continuously burning pilot lights. This new feature can save you as much as 30% on energy costs.

Design an Outdoor Oasis

Design an Outdoor Oasis

The magic of natural gas appliances can help you create the perfect outdoor living space. From grilling your food to warming the chill night air to creating a gathering space around an outdoor fireplace, natural gas appliances can make backyard get-togethers more memorable.

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Everyone who likes to cook will love being spoiled by a natural gas grill.

Natural gas grills are the key to gourmet grilling. Natural gas provides complete control of the flame, from low heat for slow smoking and grilling, to high heat for braising and searing.


Natural gas grills are convenient, safe, fast and easy to use. Forget the worry of running out of propane in the middle of a barbecue and the hassle of refilling the tank. Natural gas grills tap directly into your home’s natural gas supply.

Easy, Flexible Installation

Installation is a snap. Grills can be mounted on a permanent post, built into a brick base or put on a cart with a quick-disconnect so the grill can be easily moved. At one time, rigid, threaded black iron pipe was the industry standard for natural gas lines. But in recent years the development of quick disconnect valves and fittings and flexible natural gas supply hoses has made it easy to change the location of your outdoor appliances.

For Best Results

If you’d like to save energy and increase flavor, you might want to consider switching to the latest in outdoor cooking technology – infrared. The heat from the burner of an infrared grill heats the food and not the surrounding air. This intense heat sears the outside of your food, locks the moisture and flavor inside, and cooks food faster. You save energy, eliminate pre-heating the grill and shorten your cooking time. Infrared grilling gives you the flavor of a hot charcoal fire with the control of a natural gas flame.

Available for several years only on expensive high-end grills, infrared is now available in a variety of moderately priced grills. If it’s time for a new grill in your backyard, check out energy saving, flavor enhancing infrared!

Enjoy the warmth and and coziness of a fire without hauling wood.

What could be more pleasing than a nice warm fire? In a traditional fireplace or a casual fire pit in the back yard, natural gas fires can help you create a gathering place for friends and family.


Indoors or out on the patio, with friends or family or with that special person, the fireplace can help set the mood on any occasion. With a natural gas fireplace, you can create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere without the mess and fuss of a wood fire. With the variety of styles and sizes now available, there is literally a hearth for every home.


One of the hottest new concepts on the market is using a natural gas fire pit or campfire. Imagine relaxing on your patio or deck with a fire that is easy to turn on and off, one that will provide a warm cozy atmosphere, with the convenience of clean burning natural gas. Enjoy the great outdoors with the natural beauty of a natural gas campfire!

Add charm, value, and security to your home with natural gas outdoor lamps.

Combining timeless elegance with energy efficient technology, natural gas outdoor lamps are the perfect solution for lighting patios, decks, and walkways with a warm amber glow.

Beautify Your Home

Natural gas lamps can be mounted on posts or pedestals for front yard and patio installations, or on walls for lighting walkways and entryways. As an added bonus, natural gas outdoor lamps don’t attract insects as readily as conventional outdoor electric lights. Natural gas outdoor lighting will set your house apart from your neighbors’ with a special elegance, during the summer and all through the year!

For Best Results

If you’re using natural gas powered pool heaters, deck warmers, or gas lights, make sure you turn them off when they are not needed or use a timer. Just eight gas lamps burning year round use as much natural gas as it takes to heat an average-size home during an entire winter.

Create a cozy and safe space to come home with natural gas appliances

Create a cozy and safe space to come home with natural gas appliances.

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