Service Policy

Service Policy

SCG's service policy is to do everything we can make sure your gas equipment does its job safely, dependably, efficiently and economically.

We offer our customers services at no extra charge, and services that may require additional fees. All required fees are calculated using our hourly rates.

Investigation of Improper Ventilation, Leaks, and Odors

All leaks will be investigated and made safe without charge. However, any leak repairs and/or service performed on customer's equipment (including the relighting of extinguished pilots) will incur a service charge.

Disconnect / Reconnect

Under normal circumstances, there will be no charge whenever gas service is turned on for a new customer or turned off for an exiting customer.

When meters are turned on or turned off for temporary or seasonal use, the provisions of the Company's general service charges for maintenance and repair shall apply.

Meters may be removed or service discontinued because of nonpayment of bill. Standard rates will apply for reconnecting if the bill is paid and no disconnect of the service pipe has occurred. If the service pipe has been disconnected to effect termination of service and/or the meters have been relocated, the Company will require full payment for the disconnection and all work required for reconnection prior to the reactivation of the meter. See Rates and Regulations.

There Will Be Charges for:

  • Diagnosis, repair and/or adjustment service on burner pilots, burners and controls on your appliances and/or equipment.

  • Turning appliance or equipment pilot on or off.

SCG will warranty parts replacement labor for 30 days. Actual parts cost will be warranted according to the individual manufacturer policy. If a service call for the same problem occurs within 30 days, and if it does not involve the replacement of a warranted part(s), we will charge for time exceeding that charged in the initial call.

It’s Easy to Identify SCG Employees

All of our employees and contractors carry Photo ID cards. Do not accept a uniform as a positive proof of identification when allowing access to your premises. If you have any doubts about the identity of someone representing themselves as agents of SCG call our 24 Hour Service Line at 800.659.8299  or your local police department.

Do The Following Before Calling For Service:

  1. Check to see that the pilot is lit
  2. Check fuses, electrical switches and electric plug
  3. Check to see that thermostat setting is correct
  4. Consult owner’s manual for proper procedures

Service Plans

Good maintenance is critical. Keep the operation of your home’s system efficient and safe with regular service through our Service plans.


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