Benefits of Natural Gas

Benefits of Natural Gas

Each year thousands of businesses choose to upgrade their equipment to natural gas. Natural gas is the energy choice for many reasons:


Gas equipment costs less to operate and increases your property value.


Natural gas is clean, so less maintenance and repairs are required over the years. Maintenance is easy and affordable.


Natural gas is always there. No more waiting for deliveries. You never have to worry about running out.


Total delivered energy efficiency from wellhead to burner tip of natural gas is about 95%. Natural gas boilers maintain high equipment efficiency ratings and offer higher combustion efficiency over time without loss of efficiency due to soot build-up inside the boiler.


Natural gas reduces emissions and is Clean Air Act compliant.


Natural gas is always there, has long equipment lifespan, guaranteed heat content and commission-regulated meters.


With no spills, or smoke and quieter running; natural gas creates a more comfortable environment.


Fuel Type #'s Co2 MMBTU
Natural Gas 116.8
#2 Oil 160.0
#6 Oil 167.0


For some businesses, converting an oil-fired boiler to dual fuel capability makes sense. Dual fuel boilers reduce operating costs by letting you switch to your lowest cost energy option—either natural gas or oil. If your boiler is critical to your business, dual fuel capability assures greater reliability and peace of mind.

For more information on the benefits of natural gas, please contact your  Commercial Account Manager or call 888.382.8664.


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