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Rate Information

2018 On-Main and System Expansion Rates

To learn more about a particular rate, download a description (PDF) of its availability and charges.  For your convenience, we also have our complete Tariff (PDF) online, as well as a schedule of rates in English and Spanish.

 Rate Code  Rate Title  Effective
Definitions 01/01/14
RATE RSG 04/01/17
RATE RSH 04/01/17
RATE RSH-SE 01/01/14
RATE RMDS 11/01/17
RATE RMDS-SE 11/01/17
RATE SGS 11/01/17
RATE SGS-SE 11/01/17
RATE GS 11/01/17
RATE GS-SE 11/01/17
RATE LGS 11/01/17
RATE LGS-SE 11/01/17
RIDER SC 11/01/08
RIDER MFG 09/01/10
RIDER ED 11/01/08
RIDER MED 11/01/08
RATE IS 08/12/11
RATE NGV 08/12/11
RATE TRS 08/12/11
TRS Appendix 08/12/11
RATE BAL 08/12/11
RATE STB 08/12/11
RATE STO 08/12/11
RATE LH 08/12/11
RIDER DG 01/01/14
RATE CR 08/12/11
RATE PK 08/12/11
RATE AS-AVAIL 08/12/11

Rules and Regulations 

Review the Rules and Regulations(PDF) that apply to all gas rates, appliance leases, and the supply of gas service, effective August 12, 2011.


Load Curtailment Plan 

The Load Curtailmant Plan(PDF) will be implemented in the event of a shortfall in gas supply, effective April 1, 2007.



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