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customer care

We like to keep our customers in the know. The inserts you receive with your monthly statement provide important information on various topics relating to natural gas. The Source newsletter and other bill inserts discuss areas of interest to SCG customers. Take a few moments to read this month's literature.


October 2017

The Source
  • Payment Assistance
  • Hot Water Safety
  • Set It and Save

September 2017

What's Ours. What's Yours.
  • Important Information about Your Service

September 2017

The Source
  • My Account
  • Generator Safety
  • Carbon Monoxide

September 2017

Family Science Day
  • Fun for the Family at the Energize Connecticut Center on Oct. 21, 2017.

August 2017

Your Rights
  • Important information for customers

August 2017

Public Hearing Notice
  • Notice to Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers

July 2017

The Source
  • Summertime Safety
  • Helping You Save
  • Energy Tips

June 2017

The Source
  • 3 Ways to Detect a Gas Leak
  • Marked for Safety
  • Give Road Crews a 'Brake'

June 2017

What's Ours. What's Yours.
  • Important Information about Your Service

May 2017

The Source
  • Safety, Service & Reliability
  • My Account

May 2017

Spot the Scam
  • Learn What To Look For

April 2017

SCG Service Plans Brochure
  • Invest in peace of mind with an affordable 24-hour maintenance and repair plan.

April 2017

The Source
  • Call Before You Dig
  • Winter Protection Ends
  • Dog Safety

March 2017

The Source
  • What's Ours & What's Yours
  • My Account
  • Fire Safety

March 2017

Earth Day 2017
  • Celebrate Earth Day Saturday, April 29 at the Energize CT Center, 122 Universal Drive N., North Haven CT

February 2017

The Source
  • Good Neighbors
  • Winter Safety
  • We're Here for You

January 2017

Annual Report
  • 2016 Annual Report to Customers

December 2016

The Source
  • Donations Improving Communities and Nonprofit Organziations
  • Ribbon Cutting in Guilford
  • 2017 Holiday Schedule

November 2016

November Source
  • Energy Saving Suggestions
  • Natural Gas Safety: Recognize a Gas Leak
  • Winter Protection Reminder

October 2016

The Source
  • Energy Awareness
  • We're Part of the Community
  • Safety: Carbon Monoxide

September 2016

The Source
  • Budget Billing
  • Matching Payment Plan
  • Safety: Hot Water Tanks
  • Hang Up The Phone On Scams

August 2016

The Source
  • SCG customers have certain rights and responsibilities. This pamphlet explains how these apply to you.

July 2016

The Source
  • Grilling by the Numbers
  • SCG Logo Is Getting a Face Lift
  • By the Numbers

June 2016

The Source
  • Simplify. Save. Sign Up with My Account
  • National Safety Month: Respect the Zone

May 2016

The Source
  • Facts on gas system
  • Tools of the trade
  • Who let the dogs out?

April 2016

April Source
  • Keeping You Safe
  • Don't Dig into Trouble
  • Service Plans Are Available. Do you have one?

March 2016

March Source
  • What's Ours. What's Yours.
  • Did you notice the credit?

February 2016

The Source
  • Protect Your Family Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Supporting Our Communities
  • We Are Now Part of AVANGRID

January 2016

Annual Report to Customers
  • Annual Report to Customers: Highlights from 2015

December 2015

The Source
  • Making a difference in the community
  • 2016 holiday closings

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