Billing Terms

The price you pay for electricity and/or natural gas ("energy") is made up of delivery and commodity charges.

  • Delivery charge: What you pay SCG to transport energy to your home or business.
  • Commodity charge: What you pay for the energy purchased for you by SCG.


  • Next Read Date: The approximate date we will read your meter.
  • Meter Readings: We make every effort to read your meter each month.  Bad weather or other circumstances may require that we estimate your bill.  Estimated readings are clearly shown on your bill.  To ensure proper billing and avoid estimated bills, please provide access to the meter and/or provide an actual meter reading to the company.  Call 800.659.8299 for details.
  • Correction Factor: Some meters require a correction factor based on the pressure at your location.  This factor converts your readings to actual CCF used.
  • Billing Days: The number of days in the billing period.
  • Customer Charge: The basic charge for providing gas service to you.
  • Degree Days: The established method to measure cold weather: the colder the weather, the higher the number of heating degree days.
  • Usage Comparison: This graph compares your gas usage with your previous 12-month period. 
  • Sales Tax: The company is required to charge sales tax on certain services.  Exemption forms are available on request. 
  • DDM Charge: A fixed monthly charge for the cost of a meter sends information about daily usage to the company.  The Company retains ownership of the DDM devices, as it does with all other meter and regulating equipment.
  • Total Gas: The sum of customer charge plus calculated rates.


Codes and Abbreviations

  • CR: Credit
  • RC: Rate Credit
  • ACT: Actual meter read
  • EST: Estimated meter read
  • CCF: One hundred cubic feet, a standard measurement of gas quantity.
  • PGA: Purchased gas adjustment; this amount reflects the total unit cost of gas purchased.  This rate will change monthly as approved by the PURA.
  • WNA: Weather normalization adjustment; this amount is determined based on the difference between actual and normal degree days.
  • DEL: Delivery charge is what customers pay to have natural gas transported to their homes and businesses through SCG's distribution system.
  • PEAK: A charge applied to a customer's highest daily (one day) usage in the winter months (November through March) for system capacity made available for that customer.
  • DDM: charge is the monthly fee for a daily demand meter device at the site.
  • TSC: Transportation Services Charge is designed to recover unique costs specific for those customers that receive their gas supply from a third-party supplier.
  • CAM: Conservation Adjustment Mechanism is a charge that reimburses SCG for the costs of ratepayer-sponsored conservation programs.
  • SSC: Sales Service Charge is designed to recover unique costs specific for those customers that receive their gas supply directly from the company.

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