Steps to Convert

The Easy Steps to Go Natural Gas

We'll be with you every step of the way:


Before reviewing the steps in the natural gas conversion process below, use our online locator tool to check for natural gas availability to your home and complete an online lead form with your contact information.

There are just five easy steps to converting to natural gas. Watch the videos below for important information so you'll know what to expect during the conversion process and the installation for your new natural gas equipment. Use the video's expand button for full screen viewing.

Step 1. Plan the Conversion

You’ll meet with a Gas Company Sales Representative to discuss the details of your service, any payments required, sign a service agreement, and talk about how to work with a contractor to upgrade your heating and hot water systems.

Step 2. The Site Survey

Your Gas Sales Representative will determine the path of the natural gas service line to your home in accordance with all established codes and installation needs while having as little impact as possible on your home’s appearance. They will also request and receive a permit from your local municipality.

Step 3. Service Line Installation

The Gas Company contacts Call Before You Dig to mark any underground utilities in your area. You are responsible for marking those that you own. On the day of installation, construction crews dig a trench to lay the gas line and connect your home to the gas main in the street. Then they fill the hole in the street and backfill the trench.

Step 4. Natural Gas Equipment Installation

Once the installation of the service line is complete, your contractor can hook up your new gas equipment. You and your contractor are responsible for all equipment and connections from the meter to the inside of your home.

Step 5. Testing and Inspections

Your contractor will coordinate any inspections required with your town inspector. The inspector must witness and approve an air test on the house gas line installed by your contractor. The inspector will leave an approval tag visible for the Gas Company Service Technician. Once you have an approval tag, contact your Gas Sales Representative to schedule your meter installation.

The next thing you know, you'll be enjoying all the benefits of natural gas!

Of course, your SCG Sales Representative will be available to help you with all aspects of the conversion and answer any questions that you may have along the way.


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