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Do you need to have your natural gas service turned on or off?

Call SCG's Customer Relations Center at 1.800.659.8299 and someone will assist you Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all gas Rates. A copy of SCG's Rules and Regulations are on file with the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control.    

  • A written application for meter installation and supply of gas will be required from each customer for each meter installed. SCG may reject an application of a former customer who is indebted to SCG.
  • Any customer starting the use of natural gas without sufficient notification to enable SCG to read the meter will be held responsible for any amount due for gas supplied from the time of the last reading of meter.
  • Only authorized representatives of SCG or its agents have the right to turn on, turn off, connect or disconnect a meter or service pipe; or repair maintain or disconnect other property owned by the company.
  • Gas service is sold upon the express condition that it shall be supplied exclusively by SCG and that the customer shall not directly or indirectly sell, sublet, assign or otherwise dispose of the gas or any part thereof without the written consent of SCG.
  • Any applicant for service and any customer to whom service is being supplied may be required to deposit a sum equal to the estimated charges for gas. Residential customers may be required to pay an amount equal to 3/12th's of a year’s estimated billing; commercial customers may be required to pay an amount equal to the estimated maximum bill for 90 days. Deposits shall be returned (1) where satisfactory credit has been established, or (2) upon termination of service, less any amount then due, together with accrued interest. Simple interest at the deposit index rate established annually in accordance with Public Act 93-242, will be allowed on all deposits from date of deposit.