Natural gas is an affordable, clean, convenient, domestic, and versatile fuel source...

Who hasn’t scrambled to order oil before a big snow storm? Or sat at home waiting for a delivery and then had to shovel a path so it can be made? The continuous supply of natural gas to your home eliminates many of the hassles associated with other fuels.



IT'S AFFORDABLE Natural gas companies’ rates are regulated and approved by state agencies, making them more stable and consistent. And, you only pay for what you use.
IT’S CLEAN Natural gas is clean and efficient - say goodbye to sooty build-up, and use less fuel with up to 96% efficient equipment.
IT’S CONVENIENT Natural gas is always there. No more waiting for deliveries. You'll never have to worry about running out.
IT’S LESS MAINTENANCE Because natural gas burns clean, maintenance costs for heating equipment and appliances are reduced.
IT'S A GOOD INVESTMENT The availability of natural gas may result in higher resale value of homes.
IT'S ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY You’ll reduce your carbon footprint due to fewer harmful emissions.
IT'S DOMESTIC Natural gas supports the American economy since most of it used here is produced here.
IT'S VERSATILE Natural gas is ideal for space and water heating, cooking, grilling, clothes drying, and more!
IT'S SPACE SAVING With natural gas there’s no fuel storage tank -freeing up that space for other uses.
IT'S RELIABLE In the event of a power outage, rely on natural gas to fuel a back-up generator.

New customers are raving about their natural gas conversions and all the ways they are now using natural gas in their homes.


“I love cooking with natural gas!” Susan N. – Fairfield
“The heating system is so quiet when it comes on, you don’t even know you have it.” Carolyn R. – Branford
“We’re saving money every month!” Patricia W. – East Hampton
“The process was surprisingly quick and streamlined.” John B. – Windsor
“The natural gas representative walked us through every step.” Steve S. – Glastonbury
“The installation crew was phenomenal. Very efficient and professional job!” Donna D. – Madison


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